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Literacy has always referred to the ability to read and write, but with technology changing the way we receive and digest information, the definition of “literacy” itself is changing. Students and teachers must now be literate in new media in order to succeed in the modern world. The evolution of new media literacy has a rich history.

Based on the Fall 2014 class, “New Media Literacies,” taught by Professor Mark Zuss at the Graduate Center at the City University of New York (CUNY), this website intends to serve as a resource for teachers, students, researchers, and anyone else seeking information about  new media literacy within the fields of media and technology studies, digital humanities, new media theory, and digital pedagogy. This website can act as a research guide, provide a jumping off point from which to begin a study of new media literacies, or even inspiration for a syllabus.

We have compiled a number of online resources to help get you started, organized into “themes” set forth by the syllabus for our class. Any of these areas of focus could be classes in themselves, so we listed some of the topics, thinkers and writers that we were most interested in.

Feel free to join the discussion page and add anything that you feel would help grow this interactive resource!

-Amy Wolfe, Adam Wagner, and Sarah Welsh

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